Mashed White Sweet Potatoes

Fall’s a great time to see the leaves turn, watch football games, celebrate anniversaries, and eat sweet potatoes. There are other things, too, but we skipped all of that to get to the bottom line of this post: sweet potatoes. These are not just normal orange sweet potatoes (really yams), but these are the original: white sweet potatoes. Apparently, before yams rose to prominence as THE sweet potato, when you referred to sweet potatoes, you meant these white sweet potatoes. If you wanted yams, you asked for them.

We really like these white sweet potatoes – they’re a great alternative to yams to mix things up throughout the fall – slightly different taste and texture that you can play with get some creative new dishes. Here’s one idea we had – mashed white sweet potatoes with chestnuts.


Recipe: Mashed White Sweet Potatoes

PS. Did we mention that they’re REALLY frugal, too?

One response to “Mashed White Sweet Potatoes

  1. On Easter Sunday 2000, my mother served me ham and white sweet potatoes and from then on I have been obsessed with them. And I only have them every five years or so because my family prefers the orange yams. I know how to cook sweet potatoes but have no idea what a white sweet potato looks like on the outside. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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