Frugal Filet Mignon

Who doesn’t love a good tender filet mignon? Granted, it doesn’t have the same flavor as a lot of other cuts of beef, but the luxurious texture and elegant preparations make this a great special-occasion cut of meat. Compared to other cuts, there’s not much available from one cow, and on top of that demand for this good stuff is really high. So, we’re not reporting news to tell you that this is frequently the most expensive cut of meat you can find – sometimes as high as $22.99 just from a regular cow in a regular grocery store!

So, what’s with the title of this post? Beef tenderloin doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive to be incredibly delicious. It takes some bravery, patience, and dedication on your part, but you can get good, delicious beef tenderloin for a lot more frugal of a price than you would think.


Frugal Beef Tenderloin

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