Farewell to Summer

Even though it’s a little late, we’ve finally conceded that it’s not summertime anymore. Today we had what might be our last caprese salad with fresh tomatoes of the season, and it was a REALLY good one. We found some great heirloom tomatoes that provided some unique flavors, and we used white balsamic vinegar instead of the regular. Couple that with plenty of fresh basil and some good Spanish olive oil (with salt and pepper, of course) and you get a great lunch.


We posted a caprese salad before in the heat of summer, so if you want the original recipe, you can follow this link. That salad was made with traditional summer tomatoes from our local produce stand and it was delicious. The green tomatoes on this new are called Green Zebra Tomatoes, and we really recommend using those sometimes too.


Recipe: (Original) Caprese Salad

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