Lobster Mac n’ Cheese = Pinky Out.

We have a friend who likes to say that certain things are “pinky out.” Picture a little old lady drinking tea and holding her teacup with her pinky, well, out. It implies that something is fancy. If you had a champagne toast at your wedding…it was pinky out. If you have to wear a suit to work, your office is pinky out. If you drive a cadillac to a mud-slinging party, you are pinky out. If I saw an electric toothbrush in your bathroom, I’d call you pinky out.

Got it?

Now, for the relevant example…. If you put lobster, or langostino, in your Mac n’ Cheese, especially if it’s on a Tuesday night…you are definitely pinky out.


Recipe: Mac n’ Cheese with Langostino Tails

(This is our version of Ina Garten’s Lobster Mac n’ Cheese – the frugal approach to having lobster this summer…!)

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