Do you even care?

We want to know… do you even care about how “frugal” these meals are? Do you pay attention to the prices that we put on each recipe? Are you more or less likely to make a recipe from this website based on its low price?

Here’s why we want to know… Sometimes…(shhh), we make things for dinner that aren’t frugal. Like the other night, for instance… when we had the most delicious rack of lamb you can imagine. When we do this (eat non-frugal things), we think – well crap…can we even post this to the website? CAN WE? You tell us – do you care how frugal we are? Do you want to know how much each dish costs?

Please provide us with some feedback…. and we’ll see what happens. Do you want to see every yummy thing we make, no matter the cost, OR are you coming to this site precisely because it has low-cost recipes??? Click the link below to let us know your thoughts!

Should continue to post the prices of each item in a recipe?(trends)

For fun, we’ll show you the lamb recipe. It doesn’t have prices, because it isn’t “frugal” ……but it is tasty, and it does rank as one of the top most delicious things I’ve ever eaten….


Recipe: Bourbon Roasted Rack of Lamb with Cherry-Mint Chutney

8 responses to “Do you even care?

  1. I am an avid frugal shopper and pay close attention to your posted prices and appreciate the notes about it! However, I LOVE the food you cook and always think there’s time for a splurge meal and would love to see those as well as all the frugal meals. Thanks!!

  2. WOW! Love your blog. My husband and I are the same way, we LOVE to cook – as delicious and as inexpensively as possible. We are new to the wordpress world, but we are adding you guys to our blogroll so that we can continually stalk you. And, as far as posting the prices or the “unfrugal” meals – go for it.

  3. I think that as long as you’re honest about the recipe (as you were here), then we’ll be happy to see all of the yummy recipes, frugal or not! Besides, isn’t it a reward, when being frugal, to be allowed to splurge a bit every now and then?

  4. I agree with M – I love looking through your recipes regardless! It IS nice to know that most of them are frugal, but this looks terrific, and you warned us that it is more pricey… Plus, it makes the rest of us should-be-more-frugal-minded-while-cooking folks feel a little better 🙂
    Miss you both. Big hugs.

  5. I think you should post every delicious thing you eat, regardless of whether or not it’s frugal. I do like your frugal recipes, so keep them coming, but I’d love to try any new recipes you post. Also, I’m really nosy and love to see what you two are eating 🙂 Love, love.

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