Mushroom/Asparagus Risotto

We all do it…right?

We come home, have “nothing” to make for dinner, and then come up with something that requires us to go to the store a buy a few things. Well, that’s not frugal. Being frugal requires a little bit of creativity…and the willingness to create meals based on what you do have on hand.  Being that we named this site “2frugalfoodies,” we’re trying to do this more often…

The result = this risotto. We had some raw mushrooms and asparagus left over from the Mushroom/Asparagus/Goat Cheese Pizza, and some arborio rice left over from the Summer Lamb Shank with Gorgonzola Crust. We almost always have chicken stock, lemons, grated parmesan (thank goodness for Trader Joe’s), and garlic. Ta Da! Dinner is served.


Recipe: Cremini Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto

2 responses to “Mushroom/Asparagus Risotto

  1. wow! what a website! and the photography is awesome! I’m coming back to check this out again.

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