Pizza Trio

So – the other night, we wanted pizza for dinner. This isn’t unusual – we love pizza. But we couldn’t decide what kind. So – we made 3 mini pizzas. We had a great time conjuring up each recipe, buying the ingredients, and putting it all together..not to mention how fabulous it was to eat 3 totally different pizzas in one night.  We’ve heard of people having “pizza making parties” where each guest makes their own creation from tons of provided toppings….sounds fun….does it count when it’s just you, your husband, and your incredibly jealous dog? We think so.

First, there was the Onion, Bacon, Sage, and Gorgonzola Pizza – pure genius.


Then, the Asparagus, Cremini Mushroom, and Goat Cheese Pizza – simple, but wonderful (and vegetarian!).


And third, but perhaps the most incredible, was the Pear, Walnut, Honey, and Pecorino Pizza – ohhh my goodness. When can we move to Italy?


We hope you enjoy ALL 3 of these pizzas as much as we did. We made them in smaller pans (please excuse our use of pie pans due to a lack of small, perfect pizza pans) so we wouldn’t feel like total pigs, but feel free to use any size pan you have – the more leftovers the better!

3 responses to “Pizza Trio

  1. We’re having company tonight and I was looking for the olive cake recipe but oh my, I found a trio of fabulous pizzas instead. The look so-o-o good! Wonder if I’m brave enough to try to make them! WOW!

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