2frugalfoodies Giveaway!

You read that right. We’re going to give something away!

We got an email last week from a promotion representative at Teflon Companies offering us a free Flip-It pan to give away to our loyal readers – and here it is! You may have noticed that the tortilla recipe from yesterday called for the use of a Flip-It pan. Now you can own one yourself!

We only have one Flip-It pan to give away, so unfortunately, everyone can’t get one. How will we ever decide? The idea that we’ve come up with is the following:

1. Submit something that represents your interactions with our site.  This could include pictures, stories, recipe alterations, or other creativity.

2. The submission that’s the most creative, and frankly, that we like the best, will win!!

3. The deadline for submissions will be Thursday, July 2nd, at 3:30 PM EDT.


** Disclaimer: We completely understand that this is NOT an amazing piece of cookware. The folks at All-Clad are taking their time in offering us a complete set, so this will have to do in the meantime.

Email us your submissions!

One response to “2frugalfoodies Giveaway!

  1. Are they seriously called “Teflon Companies?” I wouldn’t have Teflon any closer to my kitchen than I could throw it. After using teflon coated pans for the first 7 or 8 years of my married life (and not knowing any better) I have had more than my lifetime dose of that chemical concoction.

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